Imitation Lunch - Mineral - Love My Way (Psychedelic Furs cover)

Sometimes I’ll go through a day or two where I can’t help but listen to either version of this song repeatedly. My spidey sense is tingling that the time grows neigh for a Mineral reunion. I’m not always right about these things, but it seems like their legacy and influence has been reaching something of a fever pitch these last couple of years. (Though, honestly, it never went away, Explosions in the Sky played no small role in inspiring a wing of music in the last decade and the influence of the fellow Austinites on their sound is hard to deny.)

This cover is an interesting study in a band not exactly making a song their own (it’s hard to escape the Furs’ indelible print on this one), but posing a recreation sincere enough that you would believe it to be their own were you not familiar with the original. Using the word “sincere” to describe Mineral is about as cliche as you can get, but when consider that the raw materials that define the original: xylophones, synthesizers, or Richard Butler’s distinct voice. Mineral have none of those things, but are able to capture the spirit of the song with the tools provided any garage band, and Chris Simpson’s voice which, while genre defining, is pretty distant on the timbre scale from Butler.

Ultimately, both versions of the song are two sides of the same coin, big names from early evolutions of genres that split off from post-punk and explored the more sensitive side of the sound. Mineral’s catalog is all-too-brief, but this B-side interpretation of the Furs classic is a portion of it no to be missed. - MO